How to tip Brave Creators

So your favorite content creator became a Brave Verified Creator and you want to help them to improve their content, great! Did you know that you can donate your BAT to whoever signed up as a Verified Creator on Brave? Let’s see how to tip brave creators!

What can I give to a Creator?

Currently, the only asset that you can donate on Brave is BAT (Basic Attention Token). It’s a token that you can earn in many ways by using Brave. You can trade BAT for cash or other digital assets by using the Uphold wallet. You can donate only funds that you currently hold in your Brave BAT wallet, that is the wallet you can reach by clicking the BAT logo (the triangle on the right) on the search bar. At the moment you only give a creator one of the amounts specified on the tipping banner. Don’t worry if there are terms that you don’t know, we are going to cover everything in depth later.

How to tip Brave Creators the easy way

In order to tip your favorite creator, you have to check that they took part in Brave’s program. To do so visit their website (or their profile on their platform), and check the BAT logo on your browser. If the logo has a blue tick on the right, the creator is verified and ready to receive tips! Otherwise, you can still send them a tip but they won’t receive it until they sign up as creators on the platform. Now in order to tip them, click on the BAT logo and click “Send a tip”. At this point, a tipping banner similar to this will show up on the top of your screen.

send a tip in brave
This image has been taken from Brave’s official website

Now, just select the amount that you want to tip from the banner and click on “send my tip”. Great! This is how simple it is to tip a Creator in Brave!

A different way to tip

Brave implemented a cool feature that allows you to tip a creator without having to visit their social media profile. This option is available on Twitter and Reddit. You can tip the creator of a post that you like directly from the post itself, by clicking the “Tip” button on the bottom of the post.

At this point, the banner will show up and you will be able to tip as you did in the other method.

I hope this guide on how to tip Brave Creators has been useful! If so, consider leaving a tip on my website, you would help me to pay for the hosting! Thanks for reading this guide, see you in the next post!

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