How to link Brave Creators to your website

Hi everyone! So you have a website and you want to link it to Brave Rewards, great! This will give you the chance of getting tipped by your audience and to earn BAT by promoting Brave via your affiliate link. In order to do so, you will have to become a Brave Verified Creator, check out this guide to find out how. Now follow these simple steps so you can understand how to link Brave Creators to your website.

How to add a channel to your Creators profile

  1. Visit and click “Log in”
  2. Insert your email and eventually check your mailbox, you should receive a verification email from Brave
  3. After you clicked on the verification link on your email, you should see the Brave Creators Dashboard
  4. Great! Now click the “Add Channel” button on the top-right corner of your screen
  5. Now click on “Website” and enter your website domain
add website to brave creators

Ok, now in case you use WordPress you can easily verify the domain’s propriety by following these steps. Otherwise, skip the next paragraph to see the steps for how to configure your website via file uploading.

How to link Brave Creators to your WordPress website

  1. Enter your WordPress site dashboard in a new tab
  2. Click on the “Plugins” button on the menu on your left
  3. Now click “Add Plugin” and search for “brave-payments-verification”
  4. The plugin that you have to install is the one developed by “By Brave Software Intl”
  5. Click on “Install” and eventually on “Activate”
  6. Now click on the “Settings” button on the WordPress dashboard, then click on “Brave Payments Verification”
  7. Now it’s time to copy the verification code that Brave Creators gave you in the previous tab
  8. On the WordPress tab, you can now find a simple textbox that asks for the code that you just copied. Paste the code inside the text field and click “Save Changes”
  9. Now click on the Brave tab and click verify to finally get verified. You just linked your website to Brave Creators!

How to link Brave Creators to your website via File Upload

brave verification via file

In case you don’t use WordPress, you can become a Brave Verified Creator by uploading a Trusted File into your domain. Follow these steps to understand how:

  • When asked, choose “Download a trusted file” as a verification method
  • Eventually, click on “download” to download the file into your PC
  • Access the root directory of your website in the way that you prefer, I suggest via FTP
  • Create a directory and call it ‘.well-known
  • Upload the file that you just downloaded inside the directory. Don’t change the name or the content of the file
  • When the file has been uploaded, go back to Brave Creator’s tab and click “Verify”

Great! You just linked your website to Brave Creators! I hope you found this guide useful, if so, consider leaving a tip, it would help a lot for maintaining the site active, see you in the next article!

4 thoughts on “How to link Brave Creators to your website”

  1. I received this from Wix about linking my Brave rewards to my Wix website:
    Currently, it is not possible to add files to the root-directly of your domain in Wix.

    We are always working to upgrade and improve our products, and all feedback is taken very seriously and sent to the relevant department, where it is weighed up and prioritized along with other requests within the development timeline.

    Kind regards,
    Wix Customer Care Expert

    1. Hi, it looks like doesn’t allow you to connect your website to Brave via a trusted file upload. Don’t worry tho, If you can edit the DNS records of your domain you can still connect your website to Brave. Just click on “I’ll edit DNS records” instead of adding a trusted file, then follow Brave’s instructions and you are ready to go 🙂

    1. Yes, you can but only if you can edit DNS records. So if you have bought a domain from a site like GoDaddy, when Brave asks for the website verification select “I’ll edit my DNS records” and follow their instructions 🙂

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