How to earn BAT in 5 simple ways for free

Hey! Welcome to my blog. So you just installed Brave and have 0 BAT. Don’t worry! You will earn those sweet tokens soon :). So first of all, let’s quickly recap what a BAT is and why it has so much value. A Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token that has been created to reward Brave’s users for their browsing activity. Whenever users watch an ad from Brave, they will be given some BAT, that can be converted into cash whenever the user wants, by using Uphold wallet.

So, how do I earn Basic Attention Tokens?’

1) Become a Brave verified creator

If you create content on the internet, you can join Brave’s creator’s program in order to get rewarded for your hard work! Currently, Brave allows publishers in those platforms to join the program :

  • Website’s owners
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Github

By becoming a publisher, you will be able to receive tips from every Brave user that is enjoying your content! Brave publishers also have the occasion of becoming a Brave’s affiliate, see point 5 to find out what this means.

2) Join Coinbase Earn

Coinbase has created a project that helps newbies to discover the world of digital assets, by rewarding them with tokens for watching informational videos about specific topics. One of those topics is Basic Attention Token! For watching all the videos about Brave and for downloading the browser you will get rewarded with 8USD in BAT! Also, if you join Coinbase from our affiliate link, you will get $10 in bonus after you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase 🙂

coinbase earn basic attention token
Earn up to 8 USD in BAT via Coinbase!

3) Watch Brave’s ads

So let’s see how the reward system works. You are going to be asked to enter a website (usually or eToro, but there are many more), and after you visited the page you will be rewarded. The number of BAT that you will obtain is mainly based on your country and on your browsing activity. For example, as an Italian, I get rewarded 0.1/0.2 BAT for every ad that I click on. But if you live in a country like the US, you are much more likely to earn more. Here you can find an example of how a brave ad will look like:

brave ad

4) Claim free monthly tokens grants from Brave

Brave distributes some tokens to its users on a monthly basis. The number of tokens is usually between 1 and 25 and is based on your browsing activity and country. When it’s time to collect a reward you will receive a notification inside the reward section of the browser (that you can reach by clicking on the triangle in the search bar). After you click on the “claim” button, you will be asked to prove that you are not a robot by solving a simple captcha. Here you go! Your tokens will be transferred to your wallet instantly! Be careful though, those tokens have an expiration date, and if you won’t use them they will be taken out of your wallet.

earn bat by free token grant brave

5) Become a Brave affiliate

Brave allows you to earn up to 7.50$ in BAT by referring other people to download and use Brave Browser for at least 30 days. To do so, you have to sign up as a verified creator and you will have to share your referral link so that Brave can confirm that you are who sent the invite. You can see how many people signed up from your link in your publisher dashboard!

Earn bat by referral code

Thank you for reading this guide on how to earn BAT! I hope that you found this useful. If so, consider leaving a tip so that you can support my ad-free blog!

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